As a result of our long and careful efforts to expand the lives we touched and our Tayay Yaşam family with this philosophy we have adopted for years, we discovered the scent of the codes of time and spirit.

Our aim in this journey of discovery is to offer you the peace of timelessness and spacelessness with the magic of our relaxing scents coming from nature while thinking about the creator when we are alone, understanding our lives and refreshing our beautiful memories.

Our lives do not contain any random situations. Our current formation in the world is part of a whole and serves a purpose. We bring you our candles and room fragrances so that you can live your life with the highest awareness.

Tayay Life products have been prepared with great compassion and love for you, in the light of the value added by experiences, so that you can feel how precious your life is at every moment. We have left special notes inside each of our products for you to guide your life and feel the love.

Stay with love with Tayay Life.

Special Spiritual Counseling Session Gift for Our Customers Who Buy the 9th Candle from our Tayay Lıfe Candle Series!

Note: Valid only on candle and set products.